Airbus A330F cargo plane carrying 60 tons of relief materials of Turkish Airlines will land on Mogadishu on March 27th. With the aid to Somalia, it is aimed to help the people of the region, as well as to attract the attention of the world to the region.

Somalia has faced danger of great drought and famine in recent years. Somalia, where 50 people died each day due to hunger and illness, organized a relief campaign on the internet. Hollywood star Ben Stiller’s video campaign was soon watched by millions on Youtube. Only $ 1 million was collected in 24 hours.


However, THY responded to the support of this assistance. Somalia, which other airlines did not fly, decided to send a THY A330 cargo plane.


Turkish Airlines has also taken a video to thank those who participated in a pilot flying to Somalia. Pilot videoda, ‘Today this meaningful flight to Somalia not only our passengers, but also carry the phrase’ we use.

How to help?

For help, Ben Stiller’s foundation, the Stiller Foundation, will evaluate donations. In coordination with the American Refugee Committee, the most basic needs were identified. Turkish Airlines will carry rice, oil, biscuits, flour, sugar, oatmeal.

In addition, the increase in donations and tankers, which can carry 2000 liters of water each, will be sent to the regions where the drought is most intense in Somalia. The tankers, which will be sent for $ 250 each, will be able to meet the water needs of 100 people for 6 people. In addition, purchases will be made for other aid materials from both Somalia and neighboring countries.

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