Pegasus Airlines bought the entire 29.51 percent interest in Izair in Air Berlin for 1.2m euros.

The decision of Pegasus Izair to receive all of the shares in Air Berlin was announced late last evening with a statement from the Kamuyu Lighting Platform (KAP).

The following statement from the company about the purchase was made:

“A total of 1,755,683,263 (29.51%) shares of Air Berlin, owned by Air Berlin plc (” Air Berlin “), a shareholder of IHY İzmir Airways Corporation (” İzAir ” It is foreseen that the transfer of shares will be realized upon completion of the application and permission processes of the Ministry of Transport, General Directorate of Civil Aviation and Competition Authorities, in order to acquire the shares of Group A, B and C with a purchase price of Euro 1.2 million. As a result of the transaction, the partnership and details of the Company between Air Berlin and İzmir will be finalized and the agreements regarding the “Air Berlin Turkey Project”, which is included in the share declarations of our Company dated April 26, 2013, will be finalized and the shareholding ratio of our Company in İzAir will increase to 98,63% Expected. “

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